50 Short Answers to the 50 Questions


The introduction to the “50 Questions to Ask Mormons” (created by Tower to Truth Ministries) reads as follows:

Christus Jesus Christ Mormon “Questions are a great way to witness to Mormons.  Most cultists will turn you off if you begin to preach to them, however, asking questions gives them hope that you are genuinely interested in learning more about their religion.  It also is a great way to get them thinking about things they may have never thought about and researching into the false teachings of their church.  Questions are great seed planters that the Holy Spirit can make grow in their hearts and minds and, ultimately, lead them to Christ.  They are also great conversation starters.  The questions are grouped into 4 different categories.”

The introduction to the 50 questions makes some statements that are false.

  1. The word “cult” is loaded. Its literal meaning includes any group of worshippers or formal religious veneration or its system.  In that sense, all religious groups are considered cults in its original meaning.  When used as above, it is intended to be provocative, and to take on another meaning which is “a religion regarded as unorthodox” or those with “great devotion to a movement or person” (Mirriam Webster). Even by the third definition, Mormonism is not a “cult.” Mormons revere Joseph Smith because he symbolizes the restoration of Christ’s ancient church, along with its priesthood authority, power, and true doctrine.  Mormons do not worship Joseph Smith or any other of their leaders.  Gospel doctrine is centered on the mission and atonement of Jesus Christ.  The Church values free choice, and does not coerce any of its members into believing in a certain way.
  2. The Mormon Church is Christ’s Church on the earth.  Its doctrines come from Christ Himself.  That others do not accept or recognize these doctrines as true does not make them false.
  3. Active, worthy Mormons already have the Holy Ghost as their constant companion.  This is a gift received through the power and authority of God after baptism.
  4. The Mormon Church has the power, doctrine, and ordinances necessary to lead one to Christ.

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