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Congo Water Kidstop

Congo Water Kidstop mormonThe Mormon Church has an extensive humanitarian aid program. Between 1985 and 2008, 167 countries had received humanitarian aid from the Church, totaling $282 million in cash donations and $833 million in material donations. One must add to this the millions of volunteer hours invested by members of the Church to provide assistance on the local and worldwide stage.

The Church provides disaster relief and emergency aid, often being the first to arrive and last to leave.  Assistance is still ongoing, for example, in tsunami and earthquake damaged southeast asia.  The Church provides local assistance in communities to food banks and shelters.  It also sponsors ongoing aid projects, such as its wheelchair initiative, vision treatment, and measles vaccination initiative.  Of its approximately 53,000 missionaries worldwide, over 6,000 are Humanitarian Aid missionaries helping to move forward an important work of the Church.  (To visit the Church’s official Humanitarian Aid website, click here.)

The Church also has its own extensive welfare system to help the poor within its membership.  The welfare system provides food and basic necessities through  Bishop’s Storehouses, as well as employment counseling.  (To visit the Church’s welfare assistance website, click here.)

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Mormon Welfare

In 1832, Joseph Smith received a revelation instructing him to maintain storehouses of supplies for widows and orphans who could not care for themselves. Church members were instructed to contribute to the needs of the poor, but in the Lord’s own way. In 1936, as church leaders struggled to figure out how to help ease...

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