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Christus Jesus Christ MormonThis section of MormonFAQ.com is dedicated to answering your questions about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, hopefully to clear up misperceptions regarding Mormons and Mormon doctrine.  Just click on a question, and you’ll be taken to the answer.

What are Mormons Like?

Are Mormons Christian?

Do Mormons Believe in a Different Jesus?

Different Jesus? Part 2

Different Jesus? Part 3

Is Lucifer the Brother of Jesus?

Fifty Questions Answered

What are the Health Laws of the Mormon Church?

What Do Mormons Believe about Salvation?

What is a Mormon Wedding Like?

Why do Mormons have More Scriptures than the Bible?

Why don’t you have the Gold Plates?

Why are Horses Mentioned in the Book of Mormon?

Why did it take until 1978 for the Church to give Blacks the priesthood?

Why does the Mormon Church Meddle in Politics?

Why do Mormons think they can become gods?

Is the Eighth Article of Faith a Cop-Out? (Mormons believe in the Bible as far as it is translated correctly.)

Facts about the Mormon Church

Actual facts about the Mormon church. There's a lot out there about it and only some of it is true. Find out for yourself some of the facts that make up the Church and why it's so special to its members.

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Fifty Questions

Mormons believe that salvation can only come through Several Evangelical ministries have posed lists of questions that members of Protestant churches should ask Mormons, or that Mormons should ask themselves.  Presumably, if Mormons were to ask themselves these questions, they would discover that their beliefs are false.  Even Mormon missionaries are sometimes unable to answer...

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  1. michael

    Where is it written that I’m allowed as a member serving in any capacity to judge another person’s commitment?


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