This site was created to answer your questions about the Mormon Church, properly called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You may have questions about Mormons such as:


  • Who and what are Mormons?

  • What do they believe in?

  • What is their obsession with Jell-O?

  • Who is that gold guy on top of their Temples?


All of these are great questions which we are more than happy to answer. There are well over 16 million Latter-day Saints around the world, and is also the fourth largest church in the United States. Even though there are many of us around, there are still many people out there who know very little about The Church of Jesus Christ and it’s doctrines.

There are many misconceptions, and sometimes it’s because people simply need to be informed or do not fully understand the teachings. Also, you may run into detractors who purposely defame the Church. This site is comprised of responses to both sides. This place is not meant to be a forum for debate or name-calling. This is a place to help with questions or concerns you may have as well as finding a way we can be united together. Whether you decide to become a member or not. We welcome your sincere questions and comments and will use them to expand the site.


At the top are tabs you can browse to find the answers from topics you are seeking such as:


Beliefs– This section consists of topics to show what our beliefs are and to clear up things you are curious about. This ranges from Missionaries, Scriptures, and Mormon Temples.


Culture– Curious on what Mormons are like? Do they believe in pursuing Education? What holidays do they celebrate? This section is for you.


History– Wondering how this started and who Joseph Smith was? This is a great place to start.


FAQS– This section contains questions we’ve received on this or other sites as well as articles that help answer each one. Included are answers to “The 50 Questions” and “The 58 Questions” fashioned by anti-Mormon ministries.


Glossary–  Sometimes a discussion of religion is hampered because different vocabulary is used in different faiths. This tab contains a dictionary of terms commonly used in the Church.

We hope this website will be helpful to you in understanding a little about Mormonism and Mormons and in answering questions you may struggle asking others about. We understand the difficulties asking about topics that are of sensitive nature. We want all to feel welcomed when researching our site.

The following videos clear up some misconceptions about the Church:

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