What are Mormons Like?

Mormon ChurchMormons don’t live in closed communities, and they dress modestly, but according to the fashions of the cultures in which they live. Therefore, you might walk right past a Mormon and not realize it.

Mormons tend to have a clean, wholesome, and bright look, because of the standards they live by and the health code they follow (no alcholic drinks, coffee, tea, or tobacco). Mormons are sincere followers of Jesus Christ, and as such, are expected to be approachable and kind.

Mormons are family-oriented and have made headlines in the news lately for defending the institution of marriage.  Success in the home is more important to them than any sort of worldly success.  However, there is a strong emphasis on education and developing talent.  (Mormon singers, dancers, and musicians have appeared in many TV competitions.)  And, by the way, Mormons DO NOT practice polygamy.

Videospots “I am a Mormon”

 Mormons love to have fun.  The following was filmed at Brigham Young University where Mormon students broke the world’s record for the largest water balloon fight:

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