Are Mormons Christians?

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Mormons are devout Christians and believe in the biblical account.

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are devoted Christians, followers of the Lord Jesus Christ both in the set of their hearts and the reality of their deeds. Mormons believe that it is not enough to have “Christ in our hearts.” They believe that we should have “an eye single to the glory of God,” which means to center our lives on the Savior and do His work for the benefit of all His children. Mormons believe that the worlds were created through Jesus Christ, and that He atoned for our sins. This atonement paid for the sin of Adam, and it guaranteed resurrection for all. Exaltation, however, is conditional not only upon our belief in Him, but upon our repentance. We offer to Him a broken heart and a contrite spirit, also laying our sins upon the altar, so He might take them from us.

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LDS Newsroom: Are Mormons Christians?

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